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Words of Encouragement for our Heroes

A letter of encouragement from Bishop Provenzano, EHS Chairman

A letter of encouragement from Congressman Meeks

“We may be lagging behind the crisis now, but the groundswell response is growing and accelerating... and we’re going to beat this. You have our prayers, our support, and our admiration. Not all heroes wear capes; some wear scrubs.” - Godspeed, Steve, Maryland

“Thank you for making us feel better and helping out the community to stay safe and be well always.” - Girl Scout Troop 717 Valley Stream/5 Towns

“As New Yorkers, we are very appreciative for all the hard and risky work that you are providing at St. John’s to keep us healthy. This is a very tough time for us all, and we thank all of your medical staff on the frontline who are fighting for our society.” - Leon Chen, Flushing

"Thank you! To all the Staff at SJEH" - Luca T

"Once again, The FDNY would like to say Thank You to each and every one of you at St Johns Hospital. You guys are true selfless HEROES! This virus may have brought us down to our knees for now.... but because of you guys we will win this fight! Thank You....Thank You...Thank You! Love, The FDNY" - Battalion 47 Chief, Christopher Pisano, Far Rockaway

"I feel very proud of all of you who are exposing yourselves daily. I know that these are difficult days- and emotionally and physically- you must be exhausted. But this will [pass]. My thoughts go to you, and especially to my aunt Villmarys Collazo." - Danna, Dorado PR

"Thank you soo much to everyone risking their lives to help those affected by COVID-19. All of you are awesome and I can't imagine what we do if we didn't have you all! Please know that we are eternally grateful and pray for your success and the preservation of your health and well being! Thank you so much once again!" - NJ, East Meadow, NY

"To our neighbors and partners at St. John's...Keep fighting the good fight and keeping our mutual patients and neighbors healthy and safe during these tumultuous times!" - New Horizon Counseling Center, Far Rockaway NY

“To all of you who are ministering to the sick and those in need, thank you for your devotion, your goodness, your kindness, your care, and your tremendous courage during this time of great need. I regret that I cannot be by your side. I am in prayer asking the Lord to protect each of you, to give you the power and strength to continue your glorious work of helping His people. May God bless you. This comes with deep gratitude and love.” - Margaret Carpenter, Second Chair, Board of Trustees at EHS

"To each and every one at St. John's Hospital the Rockaway community thanks you for your dedication. No one does it better than our local staff from the doctors and nurses to the custodians and dieticians and everyone at the hospital YOU ARE THE BEST. Thank you." -Sharon Gabriel, Rockaway Park NY

"I just want you to know that we appreciate everything that you do. You are Super Heroes. I will be praying for you all to stay healthy, safe, and strong. God bless each and everyone of you." - Martha de la Cruz, Inwood, NY

"This is Birch's way to say thank you for all you are doing! Stay Safe and enjoy our tribute!" - Birch's 5th Grade Team, Merrick, NY

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