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Application and Registration

There is limited enrollment for all programs. Early applications have a competitive edge. Applicants are urged to submit all materials 60 days before a program’s start date. Interviews occur 60 days prior to program start dates.

  • Medical clearance and Human Resource Orientation must be completed before the program’s start date.
  • CPE Orientations: Fall/Residency – last week in August & Spring – last week in May.
  • Graduation takes place on the second Thursday in August of each year.

Admission Criteria

  • CPE/T Internship
  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Seminary Education in Process or Equivalent
  • Ordination Not Necessary


  • Master of Divinity or Equivalent
  • Ordination or Faith Group Endorsement
  • Completion of at Least One Unit of CPE/T
  • Consult on Advance CPE/T


  • Master of Divinity Degree or Equivalent
  • Faith Group Endorsement and/or Ordination
  • Three Years of Pastoral Ministries
  • Completion of Residency or Four Units of CPE/T
  • Supervisory Readiness Consult