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St. John’s Episcopal Hospital Eliminates Cancer Screening Costs for 
Those Who Do Not Have Health Insurance through New Program

Far Rockaway, New York, October 26, 2020 — St. John’s Episcopal Hospital has announced that it has established its Cancer Services Program, and has begun screening eligible, uninsured and underinsured patients for cervical and breast cancer at no cost to the patient through its participation in the New York State Department of Health’s Cancer Services Program.

The hospital is playing an essential role in eliminating cost barriers that can prevent patients from seeking necessary cancer screenings. This is especially important for residents of the Rockaway, Queens peninsula which has a higher rate of cancer for 14 cancer-types when compared to overall New York City cancer rates, and a higher rate for 17 cancer types when compared to the overall Queens county cancer rates. The New York City Department of Health has identified cancer and heart disease as the leading causes of premature death (death before the age of 65) in the Rockaways, with breast cancer accounting for one of the three leading cancers.

“We are making it as easy as possible for people to be screened for cancer, whether they have insurance or not,” said Lorna Manning, RN, MHM, MBA, ACM, Assistant Vice President of Integrated Case Management and Population Health. “We are all aware of the importance of detecting and diagnosing cancers early, which is why we are providing this service to the public.”

Through the Cancer Services Program, the hospital provides:

  • Breast Cancer Screenings to women ages 40 and older
  • Breast Cancer Screenings to women under age 40 who are at high risk for breast cancer
  • Cervical Cancer Screenings to women ages 40 and older

To be eligible for St. John’s program, patients must live in New York State; meet the program rules for age and income; and have no health insurance, or have health insurance with a cost share that makes the cost of screening too high. For program participants, St. John’s health coach will ensure that follow-up appointments for more testing are scheduled, and that patients have the supports they need.

The hospital is also planning to add colon cancer screening to the program in the near future.

To schedule a cancer screening appointment call 929-928-2039.

About Episcopal Health Services

Episcopal Health Services Inc., (EHS) is a health system located on the Rockaway Peninsula in Queens, New York. The system provides emergency and ambulatory care to the densely populated, culturally and economically diverse, and medically underserved Rockaways and Five Towns populations. The system provides people of all faiths with comprehensive preventive, diagnostic treatment, and rehabilitative services, regardless of their ability to pay.