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Vascular Laboratory

Vascular Laboratory

Ensuring Precision in Vascular Health

At Episcopal Health Services’ vascular laboratory, we are dedicated to providing precise and non-invasive diagnostic services to aid in the early detection and evaluation of vascular health. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to perform a variety of tests that are essential in understanding and managing vascular health. We are committed to delivering the highest quality diagnostic studies. 

Our team of professional vascular technologists and vascular surgeons are highly skilled and experienced. They work together to perform and interpret each test, ensuring that both patients and referring physicians receive comprehensive and reliable information.

Non-Invasive Testing for Vascular Health

Our laboratory specializes in conducting several non-invasive tests that are crucial in detecting and localizing issues in arteries and veins. These tests are designed to be safe, efficient, and virtually painless, ensuring a comfortable experience for our patients. Importantly, our procedures do not require injections or blood draws.

Vascular Diagnostic Services

We offer a broad range of diagnostic tests, tailored to evaluate symptoms and assess vascular function. Our services play a vital role in the diagnosis and understanding of vascular conditions, aiding in the overall management of vascular health.

Contact and Location

105-38 Rockaway Beach Blvd
Second Floor
Rockaway Park, NY 11694