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Program Director’s Message

The primary objective of the Residency Training Program of the Department of Psychiatry at St. John's Episcopal Hospital is to train outstanding clinical psychiatrists.

The philosophy of the SJEH Psychiatry Residency Training Program is fundamentally biopsychosocial. We strongly believe that proper understanding and successful treatment of psychiatric disorders is multi-dimensional, and usually requires a combination of biologic, psychological, and social approaches.

Throughout the training, biological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors are integrated so that the resident becomes versatile in selecting and utilizing all current methods of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy.

While emphasizing clinical psychiatry, the residency program provides an extensive didactic schedule and expects the resident to learn and develop administrative, teaching, and research skills.

Our educational program is designed to teach residents the fundamental skills required for certification and practice in general psychiatry. We also actively assist residents in developing their special interests, such as child psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, and psychiatric research. We emphasize a strong academic orientation with attention to the excellence of the clinical rotations. We believe that the cornerstone of an excellent residency lies in the find balance of supervised clinical work, a stimulating and comprehensive didactic program, and exciting research opportunities in a supportive and flexible environment

The goal of the Psychiatry Residency Program is to enable residents to develop a broad range of psychiatric skills so that they can effectively and competently practice psychiatry in a wide variety of settings. Residents develop these skills through caring for a wide range of patients in different ages, socioeconomic statuses, cultural backgrounds, and diagnoses in various clinical settings. Through systematic supervision and didactics, residents develop a proficient knowledge base in general psychiatry.

Our Mission

The Department of Psychiatry will lead the effort to understand, diagnose, treat, and prevent psychiatric disorders, prepare future clinicians, provide state-of-the-art care, and give direction to community efforts to improve behavioral health.

Our Vision

The Department of Psychiatry will excel in enhancing behavioral health through scientific research, education, training, community leadership, and service.

Our aim is to teach you to arrive carefully at diagnoses by interviewing and understanding in ways that help patients reveal their painful inner lives. We want to prepare you to recognize and treat the many different conditions that are grouped as mental disorders and how behavior and mental events are linked to that amazing organ- the brain.

We want all residents to gain the knowledge base and clinical skills to practice clinical psychiatry, but we aim for more than that. The field of psychiatry continues to expand, and one's ability to practice as a general psychiatrist is, in some ways, becoming outdated. Especially in an urban setting, a patient often seeks the expert for his/her condition. For a long time, psychiatrists have specialized according to population treated (e.g., geriatric, child) or method of treatment (psychotherapist, psychopharmacologist). However, we at St. John's Episcopal Hospital see the field of psychiatry undergoing a new sort of differentiation- along the lines presaged by medicine and neurology- into subspecialties based on syndrome and/or disease processes (e.g., autism, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, attentional disorders, etc.) And, as some of the best treatments in psychiatry entail combining high-level psychopharmacology and illness-specific psychotherapy, we seek to train psychiatrists with clear areas of expertise in each.

From creating researchers to concentrated clinical experts, our approach allows for a high degree of flexibility, tailoring, and personalization as you determine your future as an effective contributor to the field of psychiatry and to the needs of psychiatric patients.

We strive to provide an open, stimulating, and supportive environment for our residents. Residency education involves hard work, but there is joy and excitement in becoming a psychiatrist, and we intend for these years to be professionally productive and personally fulfilling for you. Welcome to St. John's. We look forward to sharing with you our enthusiasm about the St. John's Episcopal Hospital Residency Program in Psychiatry.


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