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Price Transparency

Charge Transparency

In compliance with Federal and State Law and in an effort to be transparent, EHS is responsible for providing clear, accessible pricing information about the items and services EHS provides.

“Standard Services” include individual and packaged services that were provided by the hospital in connection with inpatient or outpatient treatment, for which EHS has established a standard charge and “Shoppable Services” which are services that can be provided in advance and are routinely non-urgent, thus allowing you to choose.

A list of Standard Services (click on the link to download the list of Standard Services) and a list Shoppable Services (click on the link to download the list of Shoppable Services) and their respective charges as well as charges under various insurance plans, are provided for you, in an easily-viewable spreadsheet format.

Please note these lists show “Standard” and “Shoppable” services and other costs for services may not be reflected. You are urged to contact EHS with any questions.

EHS also provides you with a list of professional provider fees, (click on the link to download the list of professional provider fees) broken down by procedure code and payer/plan.

Hospital Machine-Readable File(s) (MRFs):

As required by CMS finalized new Hospital Price Transparency requirements for CY 2024, below is a link to our list of Standard Services, in a TXT file format with MRF and contact information (45 CFR 180.50(d)(6)(i)).

For information on our Financial Assistance, via our Charity Care Program, please refer to our “Paying for Care” section, under Patients and Visitors.