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James' Story

"Through the past four years, the program has assisted me with a steady path to improvement and progress. I was lost in heroin and opioid addiction. With the help of Suboxone maintenance, I’ve achieved four years heroin and opioid free. No slips. I struggled with Klonopin a year ago and was able to let it go.

My life has improved a great deal. I became stable with a serious Bipolar Illness. I achieved curing Hepatitis C, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, & Heart Failure along with COPD.

I worked extremely hard with my therapist Karyn and in groups with Jaimie, Joyce, Terri, and Jackie, and I have come a long way. About a year ago, I engaged in 3 single beers, 2 hits of a joint and abused Klonopin. With program guidance I got right back on track. Today, I live clean and sober. I stay alert and follow my goals, and I plan on finding part-time employment this year.

I assist program friends when they are slipping. I can say I am in my [best condition] in many, many years!

I may owe my life to Wellness & Recovery and I am truly grateful.

I may not be perfect but I am proud!

I lived for 2 years on the street, 6 years in prison, ruined my marriage, house and job. I was a nightmare with lots of regrets. I now live in a beautiful apartment alone and am making it with a lot of support and I am a true role model.

Thank you!!!" - James P, Wellness & Recovery Client

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