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John's Story

"I have been coming to St. John's for almost 3 years now to the 9th floor Wound Care Clinic/ Hyperbaric Unit. During this time, I have had three separate opportunities to utilize the Hyperbaric Unit. My doctor is Dr. Joseph Tarantino. In the past 3 years, I have had multiple surgeries, including the amputation of my first digit on my left foot, diabetic ulcers, and success in the hyperbaric chamber healing process.

I am writing this because the quality of service that I have received in the past 3 years has been amazing. Luna Parvin, the Hyperbaric Technician has been very instrumental to my recovery. I feel extremely comfortable inside the chamber knowing that Luna takes every precaution to keep her patients safe.

The Wound Care/ Hyperbaric Unit has been a godsend to my recovery and healing process.

The past 3 years have been stressful for me. I am extremely grateful for the service I have received from Dr. Tarantino, Luna Parvin, Susan and the staff and Podiatry team at St. John's Hospital." - John B., Wound Care/Podiatry Patient

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