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Clinical Pastoral Education

Episcopal Health Services Clinical Pastoral Education and Training is accredited by the College of Pastoral Supervisor and Psychotherapy (CPSP). The CPSP is a theological based covenant community that is dedicated to “Recovery of Soul.”

Clinical Pastoral Education and Training (CPE/T) is a professional education and training program for ministry. It brings theology students, ordained clergy, members of religious orders, and qualified laypersons into supervised encounters with people who are hospital patients, nursing home residents, or citizens within the community. This is an education and training program that affords an experience of self-examination and reflection through feedback received from peers and a supervisor.

A Journey of Self Exploration


Basic CPE/T is professional education for ministry that focuses on the formation of the pastoral care provider’s identity as a chaplain and minister. It includes the development of basic pastoral care giving skills such as active listening, theological reflection, psycho-social and cultural systems, family systems, and personal and interpersonal awareness.


Advanced CPE/T is for those who have achieved a heightened level of personal awareness in pastoral formation and professional development. It is a continuing education process in ministry and pastoral care specialization. Students and trainees exercise a greater autonomy, provide input to their CPE/T curriculum, and develop functional competencies towards professional chaplaincy certification.


Our Community Based CPE/T Program aims to equip those who are willing and able to provide pastoral care to people within their communities by engaging diversity and differences, especially those who are marginalized. The results will enable participants to connect to our common humanness and the struggles of social (in) justice.


Supervisory CPE/T is for those who demonstrate personal, theological, and professional competence. Individuals who desire to learn the craft of supervising and teaching CPE/T will develop in the areas of personal growth in the CPE/T learning process, individual supervision, program management, and personal and clerical integration of practical theology and identity as a clinical pastoral educator.

Class Descriptions and Schedules

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