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  • Division Chief: Heino Anto, MD

The Division of Nephrology at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital provides full consultative service for kidney diseases and hypertension under the supervision of board-certified physicians in internal medicine and nephrology. The Division also cares for chronic hemodialysis patients in the hospital’s outpatient dialysis unit, as well as provides hemodialysis in the in-hospital setting. While diabetes mellitus and hypertension are the two most common causes of chronic kidney disease, other less common causes (such as acute and chronic glomerulonephritis) are also evaluated by the renal staff. At times these disorders require a renal biopsy, performed by an interventional radiologist, at the Hospital.

Anemia is a frequent problem seen in chronic kidney disease and is treated by medications to promote blood formation and correct the anemic state. This intervention is supervised by both the renal and hematology divisions at the Hospital.

Plasmapharesis, a complex method of blood purification, is also available and supervised by the hematology division, to treat critically ill patients and individuals who frequently have associated acute kidney injury also requiring hemodialysis. This condition, therefore, often requires the expertise of both the renal and hematology divisions to coordinate the complicated care.

Some chronic hemodialysis patients receive renal transplants. While such patients are initially treated intensively at the transplant centers, the St. John’s nephrologists, in collaboration with the transplant center, ultimately follow them.

In addition, St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, a teaching hospital affiliated with SUNY Downstate, requires that the Division teach the medical house staff the fundamentals of nephrology and hypertension.

Evaluation and treatment for an array of renal diseases and complicated hypertension are conducted on a regular basis in the Hospital’s Ambulatory Care Center. Appointments for the Renal Clinic are necessary and are by referral only from a primary care physician. Please call 718-869-7690 for more information on the Renal Clinic.