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Palliative Care

  • Chief: Daniel DiNardo, DO
    718-869-7000 (ask for Palliative Care)

Palliative Care at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital provides around-the-clock, in-hospital support, symptom management and guidance to patients, families, friends and staff in identifying goals of care, which are unique to every individual. According to palliative care philosophy, decisions are never imposed on a patient, but are rather facilitated according to the patient’s personal, faith-based and cultural values.

Palliative medicine is a type of care that prevents and alleviates suffering and is for patients of all ages and at any stage in an illness, whether that illness is curable, chronic or life threatening. Palliative medicine specialists work alongside and support the patient’s medical team, who may be providing treatments to cure or reverse the course of illness. Palliative care providers can make sure the patient is comfortable while going through the treatment. If a cure is out of reach, the division can provide palliative medicine that provides comfort and dignity.

For more information on palliative care at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, call 718-869-7000 and ask for Palliative Care.

To find a palliative care specialist at St. John’s, use our doctor finder and choose Palliative Care in the specialty tab.