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Infectious Diseases

The Division of Infectious Diseases at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital offers a wide range of outpatient and inpatient services for patients with various infections, such as urinary infections, pneumonia, meningitis, skin infections, bone infections, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. In some cases, the division works closely with the wound care service on medical management and follow-up of patients whose wounds are due to infectious diseases.

The vast majority of testing can be done on-site at the Hospital and includes most imaging diagnostics and blood tests.

Additionally, the division oversees and conducts a broad vaccine program, promoting immunizations against influenza (flu), Bordatella pertussis (whooping cough), streptococcus pneumonia, hepatitis A and B, and others. The division also provides community education on a wide variety of subjects, such as hand hygiene, cough etiquette and flu prevention, and is responsible for an active infection control program in the Hospital.

Evaluation and treatment are conducted on a regular basis in the Hospital’s Ambulatory Care Center. Appointments for the Infectious Diseases Clinic are necessary and are by referral only from a primary care physician. Please call 718-869-7690 for more information on the Infectious Diseases Clinic.

For more general information on Infectious Diseases at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, call 718-869-7672.

To find an infectious disease specialist at St. John’s, use our doctor finder and choose Infectious Diseases in the specialty tab.