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Class Descriptions and Schedules

Domestic CPE Programs

Basic Unit Courses

Basic CPE is professional education for ministry that focuses on the formation of one's identity as a pastoral care giver and the development of basic pastoral care skills (listening, theological reflection, psycho-social and cultural competency, personnel and inter-personnel awareness).

Summer Intern CPE Program (Full time, 10 Weeks)
  • 2022: May 23, 2022 to August 6, 2022- Deadline March 18, 2022
Extended Internship CPE Program (16 Hours per Week, 7 Months)
  • 2022: February through September (Deadline December 30, 2021)
  • 2022: September through April 2023 (Deadline August 15, 2022)
Community Base CPE Program (Extended yearlong unit base on a quarterly rotation)
  • 2022: January 10, 2022 to open- (Deadline October 31, 2021)

Advanced Units or Residency

Advanced CPE is for those who have achieved a heightened level of personal awareness, pastoral formation and professional development, and who desire continuous education in ministry and pastoral care specialization. Students exercise greater autonomy, provide input to their CPE curriculum, and develop functions of professional chaplains.

Advanced Extended Internship CPE Program (16 Hours per Week, 7 Months)
  • 2022: September 26, to May 15, 2023 (Deadline July 15, 2022)
Specialization offerings in pastoral care include:
  • Pastoral Care & Behavioral Medicine
  • Pastoral Care & Emergency Medicine
  • Gerontology Pastoral Care
  • Pastoral Care to the Medically Underserved
Residency CPE Program Schedule (Full time, 12 Months)
  • 2022: September 2021 to August 31, 2022 (Deadline May 1st, 2021)
  • 2023: September 2022 to August 31, 2023 (Deadline May 1st, 2022)


Supervisory CPE Program (Full time):

Supervisory CPE is for those who demonstrate personal, theological and professional competence. Individuals who desire to learn the craft of supervising and teaching CPE will develop in the areas of: personal growth, the CPE process, individual supervision, group supervision, group dynamics, program management, and personal/professional integration of theology, including their identity as a clinical pastoral educator. Admission to supervisory training, according to CPSP standards, is contingent upon a candidate finding a qualified chapter to determine readiness to become a supervisor in training.

  • Rolling Admission

Indigenous CPE Program

Many CPE centers in the US train people from overseas in US facilities and, upon completion, some return to their home countries. Trainees from Western/European countries manage to adapt the techniques for pastoral care they learn, but trainees from Africa, South and East Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America have not. Indeed, the people and institutions they attempt to serve dismiss their pastoral care as “foreign” or “American.”

EHS’ Indigenous CPE does not assume the manifestation of CPE in the US is universally applicable. EHS’ Indigenous CPE breaks through the colonial and imperialistic mentality that characterized religious mission enterprises and affects most CPE programs. Unlike other CPE courses, EHS’ Indigenous CPE course promotes CPE’s growth in the native soil of the host country and culture, allowing it to evolve its own appropriate character, face and identity. The work permits trainees and the host institutions to generate CPE methods and techniques that are unique, appropriate to, and effective in the host country and culture.

Supervisory CPE Program (Full time): Indigenous supervisory CPE is for those who demonstrate personal, theological and professional competence and who desire to learn the craft of supervising and teaching clinical pastoral education in their country.

  • Rolling Admission

Application and Registration Materials

There is limited enrollment for all programs. Early applications have a competitive edge. Applicants are urged to submit all materials 60 days before a program's start date. Interviews occur 60 days prior to program start dates.

Medical clearance and Human Resource Orientation must be completed before the program's start date.

CPE Orientations: Fall/Residency – last week in August & Spring – last week in May.

Graduation takes place on the first Thursday in August of each year.

Application for Clinical Pastoral Education

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