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Contact Pastoral Care Staff

Mailing Address
St. John’s Episcopal Hospital
327 Beach 19th Street, 9th Floor
Far Rockaway, NY 11691
Attn: Dr. Asnel Valcin, BCCC, CPSP Diplomate, Program Director

Clinical Pastoral Education Program Faculty

Program Director: Dr. Asnel Valcin, BCCC, CPSP Diplomate

Training Supervisor: The Rev. Dr. Francine Hernandez, BCCC, CPSP Diplomate

Residency Program: Rev. Dr. Nancy Schaffer, BCCC, CPSP Diplomate

E-mail and Phone Contact Information

The Rev. Dr. Cecily P. Broderick y Guerra
Vice President of Mission
(718) 869-7835

Dr. Asnel Valcin
Director of Pastoral Care & Education
CPSP Diplomate

Rev. Dr. Nancy Schaffer, BCCC
CPSP Diplomate

Camille Ashwood-Swaby
Coordinator for Mission Departments

327 Beach 19th Street Far Rockaway, NY 11691 | TO REACH US: (718) 869-7000

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